Meet the organizers

Dr. Henrik Mei

Henrik Mei

Founder of the German Mass Cytometry Network
Dr. Ute Hoffmann

Ute Hoffmann

Organising team, contact person for the speakers, Website
Marie Burns

Marie Burns

Organising team, scientific program, website
Jacqueline Hirscher

Jacqueline Hirscher

Organising team, website, contact person for industry partners
Dr. Elmar Endl

Elmar Endl

Webmaster, cytometrist and handyman
Axel Schulz

Axel Schulz

Organising team, scientific program

Review of past Mass Cytometry User Forums

3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum – a retrospective!
The 3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum held on January 23rd – 24th 2020 in Berlin was a great success. The Forum was organized by the German Mass Cytometry Network, GerMaNet (link drfz website Germanet seite) in collaboration with the German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin, DRFZ, a Leibniz-Institute, to link mass cytometry laboratories in Berlin, Munich, Ulm, Cologne, Freiburg and Dresden to each other and internationally, to promote networking and exchange within the mass cytometry community in and around Germany. …

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