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January 22, 2021, 12:45 -13:15


Cytobank is a cloud-based platform that offers machine-learning assisted analysis of high dimensional single cell data.

Beckman Coulter/Cytobank donates a year’s licence of the Cytobank Premium SW for the best Speed Talk at the 5th German Mass Cytometry User Forum!

Premium licenses provide access to a shared cloud and are designed to meet the needs of principal investigators or smaller groups. Different license types are available depending on your needs. Powerful dimensionality reduction, clustering and prediction algorithms accelerate your research.  Use the Cytobank platform to manage and archive flow and mass cytometry or other single cell data and to easily collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and geographies from any web-based device. With the Cytobank platform you will be able to:

Webinar Speaker

Giulia Grazia
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Italy

Stop the Copy-Paste! From raw data to result in the Cytobank platform

Flow and mass cytometry are excellent techniques to dissect the immune response involved in many different diseases, from cancers to viral infection. The field of cytometry has a key role in advancing scientific discoveries; but to do so, the innovation in hardware technologies needs to be coupled to high performance software that empower researchers in making sense of large and interdisciplinary datasets. Modern labs need to stay on the cutting edge of science being able to access modern tools for data analysis such as machine-learning based algorithms, while ensuring a reliable workflow. The steps from raw data to insights are iterative: every researcher will spend time on optimizing his data analysis approach depending on the specific experiment and dataset. Learn how the Cytobank platform can take your research to the next level by helping in reducing error-prone steps in data analysis, ultimately allowing for a faster road to discovery without giving up in reliability and confidence in results.


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