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NEW: In Spring 2021, high-end cell sorting meets full spectrum cytometry.
Get to know the new Cytek Aurora CS (Cell Sorter).

The Cytek Aurora delivers high quality data from the first to the last drop of your precious sample.

Free your mass cytometry equipment, reallocate routine work and perform high-throughput screening in 96-well format.

Cytek Aurora
  • Equipped with up to 5 Lasers (upgradable).
  • Acquire up to 35.000 events/sec.
  • 40+ colors in one tube.

Thanks to spectral signatures, remove autofluorescence from your samples, even if working with different tissues or cell types in the same tube.

Push the limits of the numbers of fluorochromes in your multicolor samples: with spectral signatures, new combinations of dyes can now be used together.

Obtain more information from one single tube. Take a look at our recently peer-reviewed 40-color OMIP for deep immunophenotyping of major cell subsets in human peripheral blood.

High-dimensional data analysis on PBMCs from four donors displaying FlowSOM clusters projected on to two UMAP dimensions to show concordance between manual and automated analysis techniques. the overlay plot shows concatenated events from all four samples, while the density plots show differences in population distribution between the individual samples.


The number of publications using the Aurora is continuously increasing and also the number of Cytek Aurora customers. Interact with them on our Aurora User Community.

  • High-throughput screening with a temperature controlled 96-well plate Loader
  • 488nm FSC/SSC plus 405nm SSC.
  • 64 fluorescent channels. -Volumetric measurement.
  • Volumetric measurement.

In Spring 2021, enjoy all the great features of Cytek’s full spectrum cytometry technology, now in a cell sorter: multi-way tube sorting, variety of sort collection devices, nozzle options, intuitive workflows. More information can be found here.


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